Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween 2009: Ghost Mix

Anyone can make a Halloween Mix. Throw in some "Monster Mash" and "Spooky" and you're off to the races. But how about a mix that's only about ghosts? Here's a list of ghosty songs, arranged according to their relevance to Halloween. Note that I don't really dislike any of these songs, but the ones marked with a "*" are actually pretty good and I would really put them on a mix, Halloween or otherwise:

Songs about literal ghosts (pretty Halloweeny):
  • "Friendly Ghost"--Eels (from Souljacker)*
  • "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky"--Johnny Cash (16 Biggest Hits...sorry, don't know original album)*
  • "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky"--Me First and The Gimme Gimmes (from Love Their Country)*
  • "Little Ghost"--I'm From Barcelona (from Who Killed Harry Houdini?)
  • "Ghost King Pt. 2"--State Bird (from Mostly Ghostly)
  • "I Think I'll be a Good Ghost"--Say Hi To Your Mom (from Ferocious Mopes)*
  • "Ghost of Mae West"--Trailer Bride (from High Seas)
  • "Skinny White Girl"--Trailer Bride (from Hope Is a Thing With Feathers)*
  • "Leslie Anne Levine"--The Decemberists (from Castaways and Cutouts)*
  • "Eli, the Barrow Boy"--The Decemberists (from Picaresque)
Songs about figurative ghosts (only slightly Halloweeny):
  • "Ghosts"--Laura Marling (from Alas, I Cannot Swim)*
  • "Walking With a Ghost"--Tegan and Sara (from So Jealous)*
  • "The Ghost of You Lingers"--Spoon (from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
  • "My Summer With Ghosts"--Doleful Lions (from Song Cyclops Volume One)
  • "Ghost-Town of My Brain"--Jim White (from No Such Place)
  • "Searching for the Ghost"--Heartless Bastards (from All This Time)*
  • "All My Ghosts"--Frank Black (from Frank Black & The Catholics)*
Honestly, I have no idea what these songs are about, but they have the word "Ghost" in the title (probably not that Halloweeny, but who knows?):
  • "Paddling Ghost"--Dan Deacon (from Bromst)
  • "Ghost of a Plastic Bag"--Pee Wee Fist (from Flying)
  • "Ghostship"--Menomena (from Friend and Foe)
  • "Ghost"--Neutral Milk Hotel (from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)*
  • "Boy Ghost"--Eef Barzelay (from Rocket Science soundtrack)
  • "Not A Robot, But A Ghost"--Andrew Bird (from Noble Beast)*
  • "Ghosts of Perdition"--Pepi Ginsberg (from Red)
  • "Ghost King Pt. 1"--State Bird (from Mostly Ghostly)
Know any other ghosty songs? I probably missed some obvious ones.

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